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Rowing Champion

I row since childhood. Sport has become a sense of my life. When I was a child I took part in competitions, and after a while have become a member of the National Junior Rowing Team. When I have got a great load on the spine, I got back problems. I was examined in the hospital and the films indicated spinal disc herniation. I tried a lot of methods of treatment and realized that nothing helps. I decided to continue trainings in the gym, where I saw the Evminov Prophylactor. The coach advised me to try it, to stretch and relax the spine. Believe it or not, but after a two weeks of trainings I felt better!!! Then I decided to learn more reviews about the Evminov Method. I visited the Evminov Center, where got a special training program for my case. I dealt with my back problems and have become able to return to the sport. Today I am a multiple Champion in masters rowing. Many thanks to the Evminov Center!