Rowing in Ukraine and in the world

Since 2007, the YUKA sports club is engaged in the production of chauffeurs, boats, kayaks and canoes

Rowing boat

Boats for rowing of the single and 2-, 2x are intended both for trainings, and for competitions of any level. Boats are made from high-strength carbonic materials and epoxy resin by the vacuumization method.

Boat for coastal rowing

A boat that is not afraid of sea waves.

Boats for Recreational Rowing

These boats could be used for trainings of the beginners in rowing, for recreational competitions, rowing tours etc.

Kayaks and Canoes

We make single-seat kayaks from plastic and carbon. They are used for sporting events in calm waters.

Boats for Hunting and Fishing

Plastic boats for fishing and hunting can be used on rivers, lakes and other water bodies.


Manufacturing of various parts and spare parts; boat repair (simple, major, any complexity).

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