Racing Boats

Rowing boat

Boats for rowing of the single and  2-, 2x are intended both for trainings, and for competitions of any level. Boats are made from high-strength carbonic materials and epoxy resin by the vacuumization method.

Technical specification

Boat of the 1st carbonic

sandwich (cellular honeycomb, kevlar, carbon)

Boat length – 8 m 20 cm

Under the weight of the rower of 70-90 kg = the weight of the boat is up to 14 kg

Arm the wing from carbon fabrics, with the binding behind the back of the rower

The mobile can is made on technology of pressing of carbon fabrics, has 2 removable inserts, distance between them from 130, castors on bearings

Production Martinolli sliders, mobile, length are 82-87 cm, the substrate from carbon fiber.

All components of the boat are made of materials of the  Germany.

Boats of the 2nd - the 2-,  2x

The rower 's weight – 75-80kg, 85-9kg0, 95-100kg

Length – 9.4 m and 9.6 m

Width on the waterline – 33 cm and 34 cm

Boat weight – 27 kg

Boat material – composite sandwich with carbon fabrics using

Filling – the honeycomb  (Provo Germany)

Branches – the wing

Wing material – carbon fabrics or AMG

The axis – standard polished stainless steel

Adjustment of the axis on height – 3 cm

Sliders are adjustable

Material of sliders – aluminum (Provo Martinoli)

Bank (mobile sitting) – on ball-bearings

Material banks – carbon fiber

Material of wheels – nylon

On boats SСJuka guarantee of 5 years.




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