Boats for Recreational Rowing

лодка с рычажным механизмом

In 2008, our company started to produce boats for recreational rowing. These boats could be used for trainings of the beginners in rowing, for recreational competitions, rowing tours etc. This boat is one of the fastest boats for non-Olympic rowing.


• Weight: 50 kg.

• Dimensions: 462x120x58 cm.

• Number of Passengers: 3 people.

• Material: fiberglass.

• Equipment: 2 oars, 2 oarlocks, a foot stretcher.

The boat has 3 leak-proof compartments, which provide subdivision and safety of passengers.


You can order the following extra parts: wing riggers, bogies, outriggers, foot stretchers, pins.

Production time: 1 month.

Please see our prices at the Prices webpage.

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