Rowing Events



Over the past five years our team participated in many international rowing events on YUKA boats and won numerous prizes. For example:

2015 World Masters Championships, Hazewinkel, Belgium.

Winner in “single” – Oleg Kupin.

Winners in double "mix" – Kupin-Klokova

Silver medals in double – Kupin-Polishchuk

2014 World Masters Championships, Munich, Germany.

Winner in “single” – Polishchuk

Winners in “double” – Kupin-Ustyuzhanina

2013 World Masters Championships, Varese, Italy.

Winners in “double” – Kupin-Ustyuzhanina

2010 European Masters Championships, Munich

Winner in “single” – Oleg Kupin

Winners in “double” – Kupin-Polishchuk


Boats manufactured by YUKA Sports Club keep proving their high quality.


In Ukraine masters rowing movement established in 1992. It is leaded by the former medalists and winners of World Rowing Championships, Olympic Games, and USSR etc.

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